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Go Big Truck Performance Inc. featured on Diesel World Magazine!

Even though Tiger Garcia of Ventura, California, earned his stripes in motocross racing, it was a game of hoops that got him into customizing diesel pickups. Actually, it was just a single shot from half court. After 20 some years of modifying suspensions and related mechanical work, Tiger was growing weary working for somebody else. While he took pride in his work, he wasn’t quite satisfied, and yearned to be his own boss. One day, while he was playing basketball with his daughters, it all came down to one throw.

“I told them if I made the shot from half court we were going to open ‘Go Big’,” Tiger recalls, referring to the name of his shop. “You can guess what took place—all net!”






MBRP stainless exhaust system

The 6.7L Power Stroke gets added breathing capacity from a Volant intake and an MBRP stainless exhaust system.

Maybe it was a sign of some sort, or maybe he just got lucky. Either way, Tiger followed up that long shot with some serious effort and persistence. Some seven or so years later, his operation is not just a “big and tall” store for pickups. It’s really a much, well, bigger concept—beyond lifting suspensions. “Our viewpoint is that if you don’t give it your best from the start,’ he says, “don’t even bother showing up.”

Sounds great in theory, but how about in practice? Well, pictures don’t lie, and this 2012 Ford F-250 is one awesome ride. Tiger’s dedication to quality is clear in every single detail, from the custom badge on the nose to the painted driveshaft in the rear. He realized that this truck, along with all the other vehicles he builds, is a direct reflection of his shop. If he doesn’t take pride in a personal show truck that everybody’s going to see, then how can you expect to do something special for a paying customer?



An H&S Mini Max

An H&S Mini Max provides adjustable power levels.

Getting down to details, this rig was more than just a showboat. Tiger’s main concern was being able to tow well, handle rugged off-road conditions, and deliver extra performance. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, he started work on it only a couple weeks before a scheduled debut at the 2012 SEMA show. “Getting the correct parts, and having to build the truck after-hours because I was running Go Big, made it pretty intense,” Tiger admits.






Mag-Hytec diff cover

Twin steering stabilizers, complete with remote reservoirs and panhard bar is a Mag-Hytec diff cover.

As you would suspect as the product of a high-end off-road shop, the truck’s suspension is state of the art. You can see twin steering stabilizers, complete with remote reservoirs. Behind the tie rod and panhard bar is a Mag-Hytec diff cover.

Setting up the suspension was obviously a key aspect. Tiger went with Icon’s 7-inch lift, which can be dialed up to 9 inches if need be, to level out the stance from front to rear. This system comes complete with Icon 2.0 remote reservoir shocks, dual-rate coil springs, drop Pitman arm, panhard rod and extended brake line brackets, radius arm drop-down brackets and Icon 6-inch lift blocks and U-bolts for the rear.





remote reservoir shocks

The truck features an Icon 2.0 suspension system, complete with Omega remote reservoir shocks, and dual-rate coilovers up front. The kit provides 7 inches of lift.

Even though this lift allows for as much as a 75 percent increase in wheel travel, with 7 inches more travel from ride height to the front bump stops (enough for 38-inch tires), it has less body roll than a stock suspension, according to Tiger, who also says the install was a straightforward bolt-on deal, with no driveshaft modifications needed.








20-inch BMF wheels with a S.O.T.A. Death Metal finish

Some 7 inches of lift provides plenty of room for 38-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts mounted on 20-inch BMF wheels with a S.O.T.A. Death Metal finish

Up front is a four-link with coilovers, and in the rear are Deaver springs. The Omega double-bypass shocks at each corner allow adjustments to either compression or rebound rates. Altogether, this setup allows for easier adjustment of the ride height and handling for whatever type of terrain you plan to tackle.








Diesel Ford

Go Big Truck Performance Inc.

After lifting the suspension, Tiger stripped off the stock chrome bumpers and replaced them with Fusion bumpers for a clean look that followed the lines of the Ford. No Limit Powder Coating gave them a satin black finish… not too shiny, not too coarse, just right. Staying with the same color scheme for a tasty finish, Tiger had the side mirror covers and T-Rex X-Metal grille custom painted by New Image. In the center of the grille is a Billet Badges custom logo with his shop’s name.





Diesel Ford

Out back are Deaver leaf spring packs and lift blocks, along with another set of Icon Omega remote reservoir shocks. Also visible is the 5-inch MBRP exhaust.

Echoing this badge and the trim color are black machined BMF wheels with a S.O.T.A. Death Metal finish that’s in sync with the Mag-Hytec diff covers as well. Wrapping those rims is Toyo rubber, measuring 38×13.5R20.








The Icon front suspension

The Icon front suspension utilizes a four-link setup, complete with heavy-duty Heim joints at each end.

Accenting the dark trim are brilliant Fuse LED lights, recessed into the bumpers. At night, Recon blue lights illuminate the wheel wells and AMP retractable running boards as well. Hooking up the lighting was a snap, thanks to the Ford factory upfitter switches pre-wired into the center console.







go Big Truck Performance Inc.

Go Big custom metal plaque

Step into the cabin from there, and the interior embellishments are pretty subtle, until you punch up the sound system. Oscar’s Electronics picked out and installed the components, which consist of a Mosconi Gladen AS200.2 1,000-watt amp, JBL 6×8 door speakers, and the Morel 10-inch subs concealed behind the rear seats.







Go Big Truck - Ford F-250

Go Big Truck Performance

When the sound system isn’t dialed up, the engine makes music all on its own. Enhancing airflow to the 6.7-liter Ford Power Stroke is a Volant intake. Tiger says it fits fine with just a bit of trimming around the plastic on the core supports for the radiator. Outflow is through a 5-inch MBRP turbo-back exhaust for a throatier, more authoritative sound. An H&S Mini Maxx tuner, mounted on the windshield pillar, provides multiple tunes. Tiger says the install was a one-wire plug-and-play install, and the software download to the engine’s OBD port takes less than an hour. And changing the tune from mild to wild is an on-demand, push-button deal, in case you need to Go Big right off the line. Tiger did, and he does. For this rig, too much is just about right.





Credits and special thank you to:

Text and Photos by Steve Temple

Source: Diesel World Magazine